Specialists meet Specialists. That is the basis for this beneficial partnership, which will bring your business into a higher level. Forwarders from all over the world specialists in the project business come together and cooperate with each other on a non-exclusive basis. > find out more....

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Contact Project Partners:
phone: +49 89 97051676
fax: +49 89 9761 903

Helmut Gross, President
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Viktor Fuchs, C.O.O.
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For messages to Project Partners all over the world,
send a message to: send e-Mail to Project Partners.
Project Partners will then distribute that message to all network-members.


 Ties & Connections:
Project Partners belongs to the Gross+Fuchs Group of Networks (www.gross-fuchs.com)
and is a registered brand of Air & Ocean Partners (www.ao-partners.com), a global network of forwarding agents, covering the whole world. Benefit from our contribution to this beneficial association.